About 15 months ago. I have started (re-)using Anki for expanding my Dutch vocabulary. After a few months of dutiful daily Anki practices, it had become a dull exercise. My search for Anki-revival tactics led me to Michael Nielsen’s essay Augmenting Long-term Memory.

Using Anki for topics other than language has been an interesting experience. For instance, engaging with a topic/material at regular but not always predictable intervals has been emotionally pleasing for me. This venue is actively researched by Andy Matuschak and you should check his work out if you’re into it.

Just today I’ve run into a radically interesting use case at the intersection of spaced repetition and mental health. Internet is a small world, so this happens to be located on a blog that I distinctly remember visiting earlier: becomingeden.com.

Just like yesterday, today has been generous with inspiring stuff, too.