Women in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey

A national history of parliamentary representation of women

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Grand National Assembly of Turkey held its first assembly.
Women's suffrage in local elections went into effect.

Women's suffrage in parliamentary elections went into effect. Here's the share of parliament seats held by women between 1935 and 2015.

You can click/tap on the points to see how the women was represented by each party in the parliament. Women parliamenters will be encircled and emphasized by color.

Due to the number of political parties, it may not be possible easily distinguish the colors. You can move your mouse over the parliament names above for increased emphasis.


On 24th of June parliamentary elections will be held in Turkey to elect 600 parliament members for 27th term of the parliament.

Here are the parliamentary visions of our political parties, in terms of women representation.


126/600 women


137/600 women


228/600 women


150/600 women


69/600 women


79/600 women


150/600 women

Historical data presented on this page is scraped from Wikipedia and gender coded manually.
Data on current PM candidates are published by Bianet and summarized by Evrensel.

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