Summary: Do you think I can help you? Let me know. Email me at

I’ve come across many helpful people on the internet. Some of them did help me actively, some of them had simply written something that turned out to be useful for me. The actual individuals who helped me in past have been long offline. Their presence has lost the flavor that attracted me to them.

I can hint the flavor by giving contemporary examples, though. I’m thinking of people like Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Will Larson, and Eric Jang.

I have nothing of the sort of experience these people have, but do get a few emails per year asking me about one of the “non-traditional” experiences I had. Most of these emails have a rather reserved tone, if not outright apologetic for demanding my time. I suppose there may be a few more emails that never got sent. I hope this note lowers the threshold.

Some of the topics I’ve received questions on include:

  • Getting an applied statistics master’s degree after studying psychology
  • Getting a data science job with a social science background
  • Living in the Netherlands as a Turkish immigrant

The questions I may be (and I’d like to) offer help with are not limited to these, of course.