It’s official, I’m pivoting to a career in software development!

It’s funny but I didn’t see this coming so quickly! Until 10 days ago, I’ve been thinking that my next career move would be going a sabbatical and starting a niche e-commerce company. I have always liked these ideas and arrangements were mostly done, save for taking the leap itself.

Combined with a lack of excitement about my job, that I couldn’t shake of despite a few attempts… I was ‘dangerously’ close to the edge. Then, a friend suggested Pivot by Jenny Blake. Because she thought I was contemplating a sabbatical for the wrong reasons.

The talk was a good trigger for an advice reversal session, that led to my final decision. Jenny Blake addresses people like me, directly: those who think that a large step is needed for getting more satisfaction out of their career. Her advice is quite the opposite, though. She suggests doubling down on what works, and taking a small step. A small step to reorient oneself, and face a different path.

Thinking about it, I realised I wanted to try my hand at software development. And last week, I internally announced my plans of switching from my data science role to a software development role.

I have a lot to learn, a lot to experience and a lot of ideas - I’m excited!